Augmented reality applications enhance a real environment by providing additional information.
Anyone with a smartphone can use them. We tailor an app to suit your business and you can use it to directly reach out to customers,

creating a more emotive brand image by allowing them to interact with a product.


Augmented reality works within the context of a given space and means you can create a very visual and more memorable product experience for the consumer.

An AR app offers diverse opportunities and each design is individual. Here are some suggestions:


AR for trade fairs and presentations

You can virtually expand a small stand area by using AR, broadening the scope of information you offer and adding digital product presentations and other details.


Visitors can experience products in ways that would normally cross the boundaries of a trade show stand. For example, turn your product into a virtual image so users can view it, scale it and easily manoeuvre it within a virtual setting. This saves on transport costs and enhances the trade show experience at the same time.


AR Games

AR games not only provide entertainment but also encourage users to become more active. Create a brand experience that a user can explore. Combine real and virtual elements to build a story around your product without being too pushy.


Give your customers a fun, educational and entertaining experience that will stay with them well into the future.


Retail AR

AR shopping apps allow customers to experience a product before they buy.
For example, place a virtual floor lamp in your living room to see if it blends in with your decor. Try on a virtual sweater to see if you like the style. Sit in your favourite car and tinker with the dashboard and other adjustments, etc.

There are so many different apps that can make a positive contribution to a customer’s decision to buy. Offer your customer every opportunity to experience your brand.

AR technology

Our augmented reality solutions are compatible with a variety of platforms.
The most commonly-used development environments are Google’s ARCore

or Apple’s ARKit. When new platforms are available, we can use these for your projects.
Another service we offer is keeping you updated on any interesting digital innovations.

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