We develop virtual reality applications for trade shows, training events, presentations, roadshows and mobile devices. Our solutions are always compatible with all common

VR systems (for example HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR).


Apps make complicated scenarios, content and functions more accessible.

Immersive product experiences increase customer loyalty to your brand. Integrating online multiplayer functions into VR allows you to simultaneously unite people from all over the world, whether for training events, presentations or conferences.


VR offers limitless possibilities.


Virtual Reality training & coaching

Virtual reality solutions can be used to illustrate complex content or processes. VR training does not require a particular time or place and you do not need to shut down machinery and production processes. You will reap the benefit of reduced costs and the opportunity to offer employees more intensive training.

The VR learning process is fun, so trainees will absorb and recall information more easily and effectively. In training, information is delivered through audio-visual means as well as methods that encourage trainees to use their fine motor skills. There is a scientifically-proven learning benefit from using VR.


When safety is critical, simulating dangerous situations is the ideal solution for helping to prevent accidents. Various scenarios can be enacted, so employees receive the best preparation, helping them to be more attentive in their daily work. For more experienced employees, a planned step-by-step virtual approach in terms of a machine or product is especially useful, making their work safer and easier.


VR training & coaching offers numerous opportunities:

– saves on costs and provides safer inductions for employees
– allows practical demonstrations of complex processes
– provides emotive content to effectively convey knowledge
– enables group training using multiplayer functions
– sets up learning platforms, tasks and user profiles

Virtual Reality at trade fairs

Using VR, you can extend the restricted area of a trade show stand beyond its physical borders. Let your customers experience the new world of your brand.

VR creates a focal point and captivates people. It is the perfect lead into an initial conversation with customers.

Mobile Virtual Reality Apps

Use VR apps to make your product more accessible. 57 million people in Germany use a smartphone. Accessing VR content is at an all-time high. It goes without saying that our solutions are compatible with Android, iOS and many more platforms.
360° videos, 3D configurators and interactive films build on the perception of your
brand and products, no matter where you are.

Virtual Reality im Bildungswesen

The use of a Virtual Reality application in education offers new possibilities in the design of learning content. The main goal is to increase the learning effect by making the learning process more intense and effective. In this case the receptivity of the human brain plays an important role.


We remember on average 10% of what we perceive through reading, 20% of what we hear, but 90% of what we experience through interaction. VR addresses all four learning channels. Auditive, visual, communicative and motor skills are triggered when using VR.
By activating these senses, the probability of remembering what has been learned increases.


How does this affect teaching?
With VR it is now possible to explore places that are difficult to access or even dangerous. In a safe environment such as the classroom kids will get the chance e.g. to travel through Caves, visit volcanoes or even other planets. Also objects or models that do not exist can be experienced virtually.
A journey through the human body, experiencing the formation of the earth, visiting ancient ruins or observing dinosaurs are just some of the countless possibilities.


When using a VR in education, it is not the purpose and sense to use the technology because of the technology. Modern learning methods can effectively support the learning process when used correctly and thus contribute to an added value.


VR is an innovative didactic tool for the effective communication of learning content.
Try it out!




The benefits of VR

Brand loyalty and product experience

When it comes to taking information on board, we tend to be more influenced by the methods used to deliver the information rather than its perceived importance.


VR allows us to target specific levels of perception. We use a combination of audio-visual displays that make an impression on the user and interactions that require the use of fine motor skills. In terms of brand perception, this gives the user an immersive brand experience. For example, when a product is being developed, a user can gain an insight and connect with that product even before it is launched onto the market.


This increases levels of trust and credibility. It is important to convey information that appeals to a user’s emotions. The abstract feeling and the effect of a brand become “real” through virtual reality.


VR simulation allows us to experience dangerous situations or carry out experiments in a safe environment. Training or coaching can take place in a controlled space without endangering people or damaging expensive equipment.


From a technical point of view, it is easy to integrate information into a VR program, including algorithms or physical parameters required to set up the simulation.
This means that users can act based on the consequences of their actions and decisions, which significantly enhances the learning effect.

Endless possibilities

VR applications offer endless possibilities.
It allows you to recreate worlds, landscapes, cities and spaces and tell stories.
Information evokes feelings. Products become experiences.


Virtual reality can be used in any industry. By working with our customers, we use these endless possibilities to create positive experiences.


We offer a tailor-made service for every virtual reality application:


– Hardware installation on site

– Around-the-clock availability in the event of any incidents

– Employee virtual reality training

– Information on new technical options and perspectives

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