World of Walas, Stichting Carbon, Gemente Heerlen


The Dutch Mining Museum is situated in Limburg in the borough of Heerlen.
It has been set up in the building of the former Oranje-Nassau Mine.


Working together, the Heerlen community, Parkstad Limburg, World of Walas and the Carbon Foundation will expand and modernise the Mining Museum over the next few years.
A virtual reality experience was set up to introduce the museum refurbishment at a project presentation. This also gave an overview of future digital opportunities for the museum.


An audio-visual introduction sets the scene for the viewer in terms of the history of the mine
Then, a photo gallery with historical images displays, set to emotive music.
This creates a harmonious transition from the real world to the virtual world.

A viewer can interact with authentic objects and delve deeper into the subject matter.
“Put your helmet on join the coal miners.”

Just like every worker, the user has to descend into the pit using the lift.
During the journey, the history of the mine is narrated through a voice-over.

The voice-over specifically guides the user, ensuring a consistently engaging experience. The combination of music and voice-over evokes a mood that conveys historical information at the same time.


Once you arrive in the shaft, the user can explore their environment, clearing the way with a pickaxe.



At the end of the virtual reality experience, the user goes back to the real world.
Exiting the dark shaft, they find themselves in an exhibition area where a plan is spread out.
The business logos of partners working on the museum’s refurbishment project are on display.
A short voice-over announces that this is plan 2.0. The virtual reality presentation fades out
and the user is taken to the real-life presentation of the project.



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Vogt 21
6422 RK Heerlen
tel +31 45 369 00 12