LOAD CONTROL Virtual Reality

TÜV Süd AG & SpanSet GmbH & Co. KG


The “SpanSet Gesellschaft für Transportsysteme und technische Bänder mbH & Co. KG“ (SpanSet Company for Transport Systems and Technical Tapes) is a production and sales company that looks after customers, dealers, factories and general agencies across Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.


In collaboration with SpanSet, we have developed a virtual reality application for securing loads.


iaa 2018 hannover messe virtual reality 02

The load

To ensure the app is user-friendly, there is a model on a scale of 1:10

that you can use for loading a 40-tonner, as well as a full-size trailer behind it.

40 Tonner Maßstab / Scale 1:10 3D Modelling

ladungsgueter loading 3d modelling

You can choose from a variety of cargo types
and use real weights and friction values.

The lashing


You can choose from several SpanSet products for lashing. The models are a true representation of the originals.
Virtual ratchets and straps have real LC and STF values. Lashing labels contain all the information required by DIN EN 12195.

beladung Virtual reality

verzurren lashing virtual reality



verzurren niederzurren diagonalzurren lashing down

Top-over lashing and diagonal lashing are offered as options.
A user can load an area just as they wish.



ratschen ratchets verzurren lashing virtual reality



Top-over lashing and diagonal lashing are calculated according to formulas

in DIN EN 12195-1: 2011-06. Lashing angles, preload forces, friction coefficients,

load weights and safety factors are all taken into account.

formel formula DIN EN 12195-12011-06

Test driving


A test drive then shows the user how well they have secured the cargo. The formula used in the calculation provides a simulation.
Depending on how safe the load is, the truck can roll, remain completely stable or discharge its entire load.
A precise calculation is used to assess the security of the load in the direction of travel as well as laterally.

testfahrt testdrive auswertung result virtual reality

auswertung result verzurren lashing din en iso

A final evaluation gives you the ACTUAL and TARGET values so you can compare your performance straight away with what is actually required to secure the load.


The advantages of virtual reality


In road transport, pallets and other load types can build up dangerous levels of “momentum” when mistakes are made in securing the load.
Training in securing loads can help to prevent accidents and employees gain expertise in essential practical and legal areas.
Using a virtual reality application means that more realistic training can take place without damage to expensive equipment or harm to participants.


Road tests can be time-consuming and can also have extreme consequences, making them very difficult to carry out.

Using a virtual set-up allows you to simulate incorrect and correct load securing so that correct performances can be repeated in the future.

A virtual reality solution enhances learning outcomes, leading to greater safety on the road.


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