Axzion GKS


Axzion specialises in intelligent load handling equipment,

from small hooks to heavy cross beams and pneumatically-driven grippers guided by control technology.

The company supplies individual custom-made products and special solutions to meet the complex requirements of transporting

and assembling wind turbines and other large components.


We developed a virtual reality solution for the Wind Energy trade fair in Hamburg. This gave users the opportunity of loading of a tower segment at a port.


Realistic loading scenarios

To show the viewer the extent of the loading process, we used a scale of 1:1.
This makes it easy to get a feeling for the size and weight of the load,
as well as potential safety risks.


Using a combination of the VARIO TAP and J-HOOK products, the tower segment can be effectively rotated.

Using and animating products in a virtual reality setting underlines their added value.



A user can see how an object is turned and then positioned on the wind turbine installation vessel by selecting different view angles.
This means they can easily see the product’s features and benefits.




To really bring the scene to life, virtual port employees are part of the virtual reality set-up. Realistic model characters are brought to life through custom motion-capturing images.

Product information

A user can get information on every consumer product.
For example, bulky items of lifting and loading equipment are part
of the interactive models that are available.

Extending the exhibition stand


To raise awareness on our products, this virtual reality experience was developed and used at the Wind Energy trade fair.
The trade fair stand was virtually extended to incorporate a 20.000qm harbour scene, allowing users to have a completely new product experience.
This real-time journey underlined the added value and benefits of loading and lifting products.
In-depth conversations took place with customers following the initial virtual reality sessions with the Axzion brand.

World Trade Center Heerlen-Aachen
Vogt 21
6422 RK Heerlen